Heres what I like:
Calm September mornings – when the bay is glass and you can see a blue
million miles under there.

Because underwater is concentrated space – not very far feels like

I like to float on the surface.
Breathing slower and slower.
The feeling of myself dissolving into the water
until its a surprise
when its time
to open my eyes and dive.

Then the ease of slipping between the water.
A couple big waves ripple through my body
driving me into the depths
then I’m falling.

Most of what lives down there
finds that really attractive –
so they come in; all curious and careful.

You can forget yourself, attuning to their ways.

In their eyes: The intelligence that moves through everything – like
each awareness is a conduit
to an infinite,
that resonates with unspeakable beauty.

‘We just came over’ they seem to say
To BE beauty.