The Blue Room

Freediving is essentially snorkeling – with the emphasis on bottom time. So, where the snorkeler spends more time cruising on the surface and making brief forays into relatively shallow depths – the freediver primarily relaxes deeply on the surface – gathering energy and breath for the next dive.

With minimal equipment we enter into ‘the blue room’ on a single breath – always conserving energy, relaxing and opening ourselves to the incredible concentrated space of the under water world.

With practice we learn to stay longer, dive deeper and to move in harmony with the creatures that live there.

From a freediving perspective the Great Lakes are largely undiscovered country. Yet our waters are some of the most beautiful and accessible in the world.

It is my sincere wish that more people will discover the simplicity and joy of freediving. And that they will begin to explore and appreciate the beautiful underwater world that surrounds us here in Michigan.

This site has links to my underwater photographs – all of which are taken in the ‘space between breaths’.